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Social enterprises and charities play a vital role in the UK and SITR is the government's tax relief to encourage new investment to support the valuable work they do. SITR also enables more people to invest in line with their values and in their communities.

Case studies
Fareshare South West
Fareshare South West

FareShare South West is a  charity which used money raised using Social Investment Tax Relief to increase its impact in the local community

Cost of capital
5% for first 36 months, 7% for remaining 24 months
Duration of investment
5 years
Investment amount
Type of investment
Loan / Fund
The SITR open source database

Big Society Capital is collecting and sharing information about SITR investment deals in an open-source database. This will help GET SITR provide better support to social enterprises, charities and social investors by sharing insights around the use of Social Investment Tax Relief

Through GET SITR, we know that Social Investment Tax Relief is a valuable tool for social enterprises and charities to raise investment and attract investors. We also know that around 70 deals using the relief have been made so far. However, we don't believe this is a complete picture.

To help us improve the data, we’re calling on organisations who have used SITR as well as fund managers, advisers and investors who know of any SITR investment activity to share deal information. This will allow us to build a more accurate picture of how the relief is being used and help us develop a solid evidence base to take to government on SITR going forwards. 

Has your organisation raised SITR investment?

We’re keen to raise the profile of organisations that have used SITR. Input your SITR investment deal data into the open-source database and we’ll promote how the relief is helping your organisation make an impact through social media. In addition, there may also be an opportunity to:

  • Have a case study made of your organisation’s deal and the impact it will support, which will be shared through GET SITR and on Good Finance
  • Write a blog about your organisation’s experience for GET SITR
  • Raise the profile of your organisation and the investment deal in regional and/or national press

Are you aware of an SITR deal?

We’d be grateful if you could share what you know to help us improve the data. As above, we’re happy to highlight organisations that have used SITR to raise investment and how they did it.

Why are we collecting SITR investment deal data?

  • To evidence that SITR remains a relevant and important tool to support organisations raise investment
  • To gain a more complete picture of the market size and underlying trends
  • To raise the profile (subject to consent) of social sector organisations using SITR and investment as a means of growing their impact
  • To improve the availability of social investment data and improve transparency
  • To help shape, simplify and potentially extend the opportunities for SITR