How can I raise investment?

Eligible social enterprises and charities can use Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) to raise investment using a number of different ways: through a specialist SITR fund, via a platform or through a direct deal with individual investors. You can learn more about each of these on this page.


SITR Funds
SITR funds

SITR funds are suitable for:

  • Loan investments
  • Social Impact Bonds 

Like other social impact funds, a SITR fund is managed by a social impact investor.

The fund manager will manage investments into social enterprises and charities eligible for SITR. For those organisations who receive investment through an SITR fund, the fund manager will support them through the process including applying for advance assurance.

Crowdfunding platforms
Crowdfunding platforms

SITR can apply to investments raised with the support of a crowdfunding or peer-to-peer platform including

  • Loan investment
  • Equity investment
Crowdfunding platforms
Direct (or DIY)

Organisations can raise investment directly with individual investors. However, they may do this with the support of an advisor or intermediary

Webinar: Hear from a peer about raising SITR investment

Hear from three organisations who used Social Investment Tax Relief to raise investment. It features:

  • (0:04:35) Stephanie Limb from Holbrook Community Society talks about how they used community shares eligible for SITR to raise investment
  • (0:23:49) Mel Ellis from Challenge Academy talks about how they raised investment through an SITR fund
  • (0:38:23) Julius Ibrahim from Second Shot Coffee who will talk about how they raised investment directly through individuals
Webinar: Ask an expert - how to raise investment using SITR

Learn about raising SITR investment from the experts. This webinar features:

  • (0:05:00) Grace England, Investment Manager, Resonance - SITR Funds
  • (0:21:00) Dave Boyle, Director, The Community Shares Company - Crowdfunding
  • (0:42:00) Russ Bubley, Founder, I for Change - Direct/DIY
  • (0:57:00) Neil Pearson, Partner, Mills & Reeve - SITR and Technical Guidance
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